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  • Ricky Baruch and Deb Habib

Ten Ways To Practice Simple, Daily Acts of Gratitude

By Ricky Baruch and Deb Habib, Seeds of Solidarity Farm

Face the direction of sunrise upon waking and wash it over yourself.

Let the first words out of your mouth be something kind.

Pay full attention to your breathing for at least five minutes a day.

Consciously touch some part of the natural world each day: soil or snow, a plant, water, or wind.

Shape a gentle smile for softness and an open heart.

Send a wave of love to two people during a pause in your day—one for whom it is easy to do so; the other, not so much.

Prepare at least one of your meals each day; share food you grow or prepare with family, friends, or those in need.

Know the source of your food and energy and the path of your waste. Change something you do or consume in the direction of reducing your impact on the lives of others and the earth’s finite resources.

Make or do one thing that involves creativity every day.

Before you sleep, thank whoever or whatever you believe participates in the creation of life, no matter how hard or good your day has been.

Excerpted from Baruch, Ricky and Deb Habib. “The Sacred Sacrifice: Living with Less is More.” Making Love While Farming: Field Guide to a Life of Passion and Purpose. Levellers Press, 2019.

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