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Contribute to TNF

Image Credit: Rebecca Nathan.

Submit an Article, Story or Photo to TNF

TNF welcomes contributions from writers, storytellers, scientists, growers, conservationists, food justice activists, eaters, visionaries, and the like!  As long as the content relates to agriculture, food, or the land - TNF wants to hear from you. 

We prioritize publishing submissions from People of Color and/or about issues related to land and food justice and anti-racism and those applicable to growing in the Northeastern US.

TNF is published quarterly - as the seasons change. Each issue centers on a specific theme and always includes general technical and informative farming articles as well.

Upcoming Themes



 (If you'd like to send a pitch first, email

There are many ways to contribute...

Write a technical article based on experience and/or research
Share a story or experience from your farm or a farm that inspires you
Write an opinion piece about a trending topic
Write a book review (we can help you get the book)
Share a nonfiction, personal story in the "Lessons from the Land" column
Share essays or stories about food justice and farming for change
Review a practical tool used for gardening or farming or share your favorite Farm Hack (or Farm Fail)
Submit a photo
Submit a seasonal recipe


At this time, authors of published submissions receive a free annual subscription. 

We are actively fundraising so we can compensate writers in the near future.

(Last updated 1/20/2023)

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